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What to take to meet the coming era of big data

Publisher: administrator Release time: 2012-12-10 Source: Guangming Daily Views :6704 times

    Today, online shopping has quietly changed the way people have been shopping for many years。The past November 11 is still fresh in people's minds, when well-known e-commerce company Alibaba turned Singles Day into a "shopping carnival" through its Tmall and Taobao platforms.。

  What does Alibaba do?A lot of people say "e-commerce."。But if you look at the essence of e-commerce transactions, it is actually "massive information andData serviceIn a word, Alibaba's actions are in line with the trend characteristics of the "big data era"。

  Following the "Internet of Things" and "cloud computing", the term "big data" has been mentioned more and more in 2012。People use it to describe and define the massive data generated in the age of information explosion, and name the technological development and innovation associated with it。

  "Big data didn't come out of nowhere. In fact, IBM,谷歌And big companies like Amazon are already taking advantage of it。The reason why this concept can be recognized by more industries is because people are paying more attention to its application。Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Communications Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said。

  The "Big data era" has arrived

  McKinsey, the management consulting firm, was the first to suggest that the era of "big data" was coming: "Data has penetrated into every industry and business function today, becoming an important factor of production.。The mining and use of vast amounts of data heralds a new wave of productivity growth and consumer surpluses。”

  What is Big Data?He cited Wikipedia's definition as "a collection of data that cannot be captured, managed, and processed with conventional software tools in the time allowed.。"Of course, the standard for big data scale is constantly changing, and currently refers to the size of a single data set in the range of tens of terabytes (terabytes) and several petabytes (petabytes)。”

  How big is big data?The following set of "one day on the Internet" data tells us: in a day, Baidu handles about 6 billion search requests, reaching tens of petabytes of data;Taobao has tens of millions of transactions and more than 20 terabytes of data per day.Unicom's user Internet record reached 10TB a day...

  "If there are various markers of the third Industrial Revolution, then the development of information technology to today, big data is one of them。"Wu Hequan commented。

  Although big data is born from the increasing popularity and maturity of information and communication technology, people of insight from all walks of life believe that its impact on social and economic life is not limited to the technical level。

  Mining the 'wealth of data'

  While you still use social platforms such as Weibo as a tool to express emotion or make comments, some business elites are mining "data wealth" and using it to judge market trends ahead of others, from which they have gained a lot of profits。

  By analyzing the emotional data of netizens,Social media monitoring platform DataSift found,The day the social networking site Facebook filed to go public with its stock offering,Sentiment on Twitter was largely positively correlated with Facebook's stock price movements: before Facebook opened,If the sentiment on Twitter gradually turns negative,Twenty-five minutes later, Facebook's stock price began to fall;And when sentiment on Twitter turned positive,Facebook shares followed suit eight minutes later...Of course,These alone do not prove that Twitter's emotional inclinations have an impact on the stock price,But there have been attempts to find ways to predict stock price movements。

  The impact of big data is not limited to the information and communication industry, it is also "swallowing" and restructuring some traditional industries - in this sense, the company that extensively uses data analytics to manage and optimize operations is essentially a data company。

  Wu Hequan gives an interesting example。target, an American supermarket, sees pregnant women among its female customers as prime shoppers。In order to win over this part of the target population before pregnancy, the supermarket lists dozens of shopping preferences through surveys, and when a customer's cash register shows these items, it is identified as likely to be pregnant or have a pregnant woman in the family, and then sends it an advertisement for maternity products。Once, when someone sued the supermarket on the grounds that "there is no pregnant woman in the family, but they always receive relevant product advertisements," they found that it was their daughter who was still in high school。"This example tells us that by using the big data of shopping information, merchants can further analyze and segment shopping groups, thereby increasing sales.。”

  此外,Use search keywords,The disease control department can predict and judge the outbreak of influenza in a place;By paying attention to the communication and perception of "sugar friends" on social networks,Hospitals and doctors can gain better experience in treating and recovering from diabetes...According to Wu Hequan,And not just in business,Big data also has huge utilization space in social fields such as power grid operation, traffic control, and medical services。

  How to welcome the "big data era"

  How to use these big data to develop its commercial value has become a common concern of investors, IT professionals and government public management departments。

  On March 29, 2012, the U.S. government announced an investment of $200 million to promote the development of big data-related industries, raising the "big data strategy" to the national will。

  Among the most active are many IT companies。IBM has said it will focus more on new growth opportunities brought by big data analytics software, following its success in ditching the personal computer business for software and services in the last decade。In addition, mergers and acquisitions related to the theme of "big data" are emerging in an endless stream, and the number and scale of mergers and acquisitions are gradually rising。Among them, the total amount of Oracle to Sun and HP to Autonomy is as high as 17.6 billion US dollars。

  While many foreign companies are chasing the industrial value brought by big data, few Chinese companies have been able to join the ranks of big data development leaders。

  Wu Hequan said that although the country has begun to attach importance to big data from science and technology projects and arranged some research, the overall gap is still very large。"This is not some simple science and technology projects can be solved, should be encouraged to have resources and capabilities of enterprises, departments to develop big data, because they are the real application demand, is the most important force of traction technology.。”

  In order to narrow the "starting" gap in this era of competition, the leading role of the government is particularly important。

  "Except in special circumstances (such as involving state secrets and security), government departments should release, publicize and encourage information as promptly as possible.Data sharingTo help demand subjects understand the overall situation of all walks of life。Wu Hequan believes that China's current situation is not too little data collection, but too little sharing。"Departments that have the data do not have the capacity to analyze it, departments that have the capacity to analyze the data do not have the data, and there is a lack of coordination and cooperation between departments, which actually involves an institutional problem.。”

  In addition, enterprises or departments with data do not know how to use big data in the case of protecting user privacy and security, but also hinder our country to keep up with the "big data era" a big fetters。

  Since the threshold for collecting, organizing, and storing big data is so high, why not use foreign platforms to do something?In this regard, Wu Hequan especially suggested that domestic enterprises and relevant departments should avoid putting their important data into foreign analysis application platforms。"These seemingly unrelated data are actually related to enterprise development strategies and national economic operation, and we can't lose our vigilance on information security because foreign things are free to use.。"(Reporter Zhang Lei)